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A special evening with Joan Baez, 13.03.2007, Erfurt, Germany

Joan started the concert with Farewell Angelina and it was clear that she's in a perfect shape - both voice and guitar. After Angelina she sang a song of Elvis Costello which called something about Tight, I don't remember the name for sure. After that there were some quite old songs including Gospel ship and Long black veil, but I don't like them anyway ;). The following songs were With god on our side and Caleb Meyer, the latter one is from the last studio album, and the cover ot Tom Waits' The day after tomorrow - very beautiful and sad ballad about a soldier who is going to return home on the day after tomorrow and who has to fight not for democracy or ideas but for his life. El Preso Numero Nueve was followed by the great songs which I listened to with tears in my eyes - Imagine and Love is just a four-letter word - they are my favorites and I couldn't even imagine to hear Joan singing them live. Somewhere in between (or maybe a little bit later, I am not sure about the order of the songs) there was a german song Wenn unserer Bruder kommen. Joan communicated with the auditorium very intensive, friendly and nice and she told something like 'I am told that I sing it with the Bavarian accent (it's the worst german accent), but it's because it was Konstantin Wecker who taught me' (he's a popular German singer-songwriter who toured with Joan and Mercedes Sosa in 1988). Joan also did many great jokes during the evening and they were very funny, like 'in Woodstock we had 4 days of scheise wetter' (which means 'shitty weather', the expression is very popular in Germany, almost as popular as 'alles klar' which means 'Did you get it?' and showed that Joan had some experience in communicating with germans ;) ). The funniest moment was when Joan, after explaining the meaning of a song for quite along, asked how many people understood what she was talking about. After having a look at the amount of raised hands she said 'what are you all doing here?', then laughed and said 'well, thank you for coming and being here with me anyway :)', it was very funny, at least for me ;). Joan wanted to finish a concert with Diamonds & Rust (her guitar sounded amazing on the song), but it didn't work out. She had to return 3 times for the encore. For the first one she sang Jerusalem and Finlandia, for the second one, when many people gathered before the stage, she sang Sag mir wo die Blumend sind? (it's Where have all the flowers gone? in German) and Donna, Donna - and the whole auditorium was singing with her on the both of them and on the 3rd encore - Sind do kleine Hande, very nice and touching german song about children. I think, there were some more songs but I just don't remember them.

Before the beginning of the concert I was interested what is sold at the Merchandise table, so I came there and acquainted with Jim Stewart, a very nice man who is Joan's merchandise manager and writes articles for Joan's official web-site. He was very nice and it was very nice to talk to him. He told that there's a chance that Joan is going to sing 'Let it be' or 'Imagine' which she was rehearsing before the concert, and I was thrilled about it (finally she sang 'Imagine' and it was one of the greatest moments of the concert). After the concert Jim was very kind and gave me a hand to meet Joan and say thanks to her.

I have never thought that I would have a chance to see Joan live, to hear my favorite singer singing my favorite songs, so it was a kind of dream that came true. Above it, I could never imagine meeting Joan personally and talking to her. I still feel happy when I think of the great, really special evening with Joan Baez. Thank you very much for it, Joan and Jim.

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