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i'm hoping that maybe some of you can lead me in the right direction for a paper i'm working on. i've been assigned to do a paper on crime cases in new york city from 1850-present, and how they have served as vehicles for discussion of serious issues that had previously been left undiscussed. i'm attempting to do the project using 20th century folk songs (hopefully from the 1960s/1950s NYC folk scene) which were influenced by particular crime cases (i.e. cases dealing with racism, communism, anything), and raised awareness of the issues at hand. the hard part here is that the case had to have occurred in NYC.

if anyone can understand what i mean by that: are there any particular joan baez songs that you think would be good for this?

please let me know what you think! any input is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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Ok, if I have understood what you mean, maybe I can help.

There's a song by Joan Baez about a crime case, even she later dedicated the song to Janis Joplin.

The song is "In the quiet morning", and was inspired by Kitty Genovese's death, which you can read about here:

The lyrics of the song are here:
oh wow, thank you so much! this case is really sad and disturbing but it definitely fits the goal of the paper... thanks again!
you're welcome! :)
"In the quiet morning" is usually said to be dedicated to Janis Joplin. It was even written on the vinyl single. Maybe 'Prison trilogy' can be useful?